We help developers to create better things on internet.

We make it dead simple for users (developers) to build and run internet applications. We use cutting edge computer science research findings to solve problems related to the scale of the internet (think billions & trillions). We let the users handle high-level concepts and automatically take care of making it functional in the real world.

Backbench is designed to and works seamlessly with existing "things" on the internet, making it trivial to develop custom workflows like tailoring a cloud automation and orchestration solution. Backbench ships with its own programming language that is built from the ground up to make it simple to process information, program and integrate systems on the internet.

We are a team of professionals passionate about the future of the internet and the problems it can solve for humanity. We want to help form the new digital central nervous system for our race. The problems are huge, and the demand is increasing exponentially, it’s time to act.


We would be happy to hear from you on contact@backbench.io or connect with us directly at +91-9164653201

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