Completely managed Platform-as-a-Service

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Serverless Application Backend

Accelerate development with faster time to market/product releases by running in a fully programmable serverless cloud computing environment. Eliminating the need to deploy and manage servers provide a substantial development speed boost.

Fully managed service

No more repetitive and error-prone activities of managing servers. Focus on your business logic and avoid administrative tasks as there is absolutely nothing to install or manage.

Reliability and Performance

Backbench is a highly available and scalable compute platform. It means you do not need to architect these capabilities since Backbench provides them by default.

DevOps Freedom

Built on a scalable, serverless platform: you do not need to worry about DevOps. Backbench Developer Tools is a set of services that enable developers to safely deliver software.

Integration to 3rd party services

Backbench as a gateway to other APIs will let we use amazing internet services to enable Facebook login, send email with MailChimp or checkout using Stripe. Backbench offers flexibility and control, letting you bring your own services. Backbench docs showcase integration with popular 3rd party systems and make it easy for you to integrate your own.

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Make Things Happen with APIs

Backbench is a platform that developers can build on to create value. The programmable APIs, first of its kind, makes it simple to talk to another product or service, enables powerful developer experience tools with high availability and performance. Bring your own services and relish the benefits of simple in-product integrations. With respect to developers’ time, we make it easier to evolve APIs over time, drive usages, and reduce confusion with efficient and effective management.

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WebHooks are the beginning of a whole new era of web development where small pieces of code can make a big difference because you can easily glue apps together. A WebHook is a way for an app to provide other applications with real-time information. A backend can be a set of HTTP APIs which are called from a mobile client using the WebHook URL. Via a simple HTTP trigger, respond to events originating from 3rd party systems like Slack, Stripe, Facebook, or from anywhere that can send HTTP requests. Write a Function on Backbench to power a single-page app or Use Functions to customize the behavior of a bot using a WebHook. Exposing your API to WebHooks allows for tighter and more efficient communications between you and your partners.

A powerful hosted CI/CD workflow for your serverless applications

Microservices let you increase your engineering speed and agility. With large applications broken up into a number of independent, loosely coupled microservices communicating with each other can call many internal microservices to compose its response to serve a single user or API request in a microservices-based application.

Hosted Continuous Integration

No more CI server overhead. Give more time to innovate your product. Fasten development activities and optimize your testing & deployment processes. Services written in Backbench can be easily integrated into your app without having to change your platform.

Automated Deployment

Minimize test automation and quality-assurance overhead with Backbench continuous deployment. It makes it ideal to automate testing of your APIs. Backbench services allow you to securely store and automatically build, test, and deploy your serverless applications.

Function as a Service

Backbench lets you write simple, single-purpose functions. Breaking things into smaller pieces of functionality gives you the power to reuse the code. It makes developers add features to a particular module without fuss, as services are small and serve a single function.

Autonomous, Composable, and Specialized

Microservices developed by you can be operated and scaled without affecting the functionality of other services. Services do not need to share any of their code with other services as each service is designed for a set of capabilities and focuses on solving a specific problem. Microservices can be easily used together, like ingredients in a recipe, to get the result you’re looking for. Any communication between individual components happens via well defined APIs.


Share, collaborate and develop. Whether you want to program in teams, share it with partners, or just get some help from a friend. Backbench makes it easier to ship better code, and reduce development lifecycle for new features.

Work with your team

Share your application with any developer in the world with role-based user permissions. Invite your whole team to connect, build, test, and measure your day to day progress.

Simple module management

Backbench lets you write simple, single-purpose functions. Breaking things into smaller pieces of functionality gives you the power to reuse the code. It makes developers add features to a particular module without fuss as services are small and serve a single function.

Code Debugging Utility

A code analysis tool that helps you detect errors by providing preliminary run-time checks.

An editor for coders

A simple editor for coders enabling a rich set of features including syntax highlighting, code folding, live syntax checker, etc. Write your code in the editor and click save for immediate execution.

Tools you love

A simple yet powerful toolbox containing managed tools for web development. Get apps to users faster by streamlining development lifecycle and improving developer efficiency.

Playground for cloud services

Backbench is a playground to experiment with amazing internet services. Backbench makes it easy to try out new ideas with low cost of failure enables experimentation, making it easier to update code, and reduce development overhead. Innovate more with less, eliminate IT backlog and make informed decisions. Easily connect applications, data, and devices taking advantage of tens of Backbench services.

Getting started with backbench