rapidly prototype internet applications

Quickly publish functional endpoints directly on the Internet for mobile, IoT and web applications. Specifically built to process and manage real world information from users, applications and devices.

Innovate Better and Faster with Rapid Prototyping

Backbench provides all the tools and infrastructure to rapidly develop and run enterprise-grade internet applications. Incorporating the changes instantly by gathering insights with a broader team of users, stakeholders, developers and designers, saves cost and time, and lets you deliver the right user experience.


A business is about identifying the right set of services to solve a given problem. From Authentication to Notifications, from real-time memory to Reporting, just identify the set of services you need.


Once the services required for an application are identified, the Backbench platform lets you express your business logic beautifully in its own programming language BBLANG.


While in real world any set of services can be published over protocols, be it HTTP or WebSocket. Backbench lets you interact with such systems over a very clean way by providing protocol compliant systems for modeling real-world information.

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Serverless Application Backends

Accelerate development with faster time to market/product releases by running in a fully programmable serverless cloud computing environment. Eliminating the need to deploy and manage servers provide a substantial development speed boost. Backbench offers flexibility and control, letting you bring your own services. Write your code in the editor and click save for immediate execution.


Gateway to other APIs

Backbench as a gateway to other APIs will let you gauge performance and visualize statistical information. For example, eCommerce, SaaS, and News and Media companies can compare two web pages by showing the two variants to similar visitors at the same time and increase conversion rate.


Backbench process Automation

Backbench functions makes it easy to deploy continuous workflows and integration with 3rd party systems to deliver reliable services faster in order to save time and lower overhead costs by eliminating time-consuming and repetitive tasks. Backbench lets you write code to connect and extend cloud services to address an increasing number of use cases with event-driven code.


Ready to use HTTPS Endpoint

A serverless environment for setting up a fully functional HTTPS endpoint that is suitable for publishing internet-scale APIs and writing custom workflows on the internet, like cloud automation, orchestration, DevOps, continuous delivery, and deployment. Your functions can be event-driven or invoked directly over HTTP/S. Functions deployed with an HTTP/S trigger are given a fully qualified domain together with a dynamically generated TLS certificate for secure communication.



WebHooks are the beginning of a whole new era of web development where small pieces of code can make a big difference because you can easily glue apps together. A WebHook is a way for an app to provide other applications with real-time information. A backend can be a set of HTTP APIs which are called from a mobile client using the WebHook URL. Via a simple HTTPS trigger, respond to events originating from 3rd party systems like Slack, Stripe, Facebook, or from anywhere that can send HTTP/S requests. Write a Function on Backbench to power a single-page app or Use Functions to customize the behavior of a bot using a WebHook. Exposing your API to WebHooks allows for tighter and more efficient communications between you and your partners.


Continuous Scaling

Backbench grows and changes with you. Just write your code and Backbench takes care of everything required to run and scale your code with high availability and performance with no latency. Run everything from learning projects to enterprise-grade products. Scale has never been so easy yet cost effective.


Controlled Scheduling

Backbench provides the ability to run tasks at a certain time, or in a recurring fashion, or at a later point of time in the future ideal for setting up custom marketing campaigns and building custom workflows. For example, execute code that runs every hour and clean up a database table based on custom business logic.


Programmable Visualization

Backbench lets you visualize just about anything happening in your entire application from app downloads, page visits to custom system level metrics by providing powerful visualizations with programmable data sources that run in the context of your application. Listen and respond to events from Backbench Graphs, create a Function that processes a message using Backbench Graphs and call this function using HTTPS Endpoint.


Real-time processing

Backbench Cloud Functions supports triggers based on activity in an app. It lets you do this in a way that’s completely serverless. For example, execute serverless code that reads newly discovered test log files in a Database using APIs and transform this into a row in Backbench Memory - A production scale fully managed key-value store (No-SQL database) that requires absolutely no configuration and is fully programmable, making it easy to store and access data with absolutely no maintenance overhead.


Internet of Things

You can build serverless backends using Backbench Functions to handle Internet of Things (IoT). For example, IoT devices send messages to Backbench Graphs, which then calls a Backbench Function to transform the message. This function processes the data and can create a new record in Backbench Memory.


Logging, Analyzing and Debugging

Backbench also provides a fully featured logging system that helps you gain a better understanding of the flow of your application. It helps you manage complexity and allows you to rapidly develop and debug your internet application. Backbench Logging lets you investigate your code’s behavior in production. Use the embedded logging environment to monitor and troubleshoot.



BBLANG is a simple sequential programming language which works with JSON-like data called blobs (BBLANG objects). BBLANG is purely functional programming language. While it is abstract in nature, the libraries that comes with it provides you with functions that lets you do real things like sending an email, SMS or push notifications.

BBLANG is un-opinionated like water as it is not built for doing any specific set of activities. It provides a basic construct to call a service. Since BBLANG is a language to program and orchestrate such system, you don’t need to change your product in adherence to any technological stack.

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    maths(req) {

     add = (a, b) - > a + b;

     sub = (a, b) - > a - b;

     mul(a, b) - > a * b;

      return {
      body: {
       add: add(2, 2),
       sub: sub(5, 3),
       mul: mul(7, 5)




Make Things Happen with APIs

Backbench is a platform that developers can build on to create value. The programmable APIs, first of its kind, makes it simple to talk to another product or service, enables powerful developer experience tools with high availability and performance.

Bring your own services and relish the benefits of simple in-product integrations. With respect to developers’ time, we make it easier to evolve APIs over time, drive usages, and reduce confusion with efficient and effective management.

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Make Things Happen with APIs

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